High Tech for High Profit Margins

Although QR (Quick Response) codes have been in existence for nearly 20 years, they are just now beginning to hit mainstream advertising. One reason for the sudden visibility of QR codes is the spread of Apps for smart phones that allow virtually anyone to access the information that they contain. Advertisers have gotten extremely creative with designing these codes as well, developing cool QR codes that make it much more likely to draw the interest of potential customers. The following QR codes examples show just how creative designers can be when it comes to catching our eye with technology.

Refresh Your Thirst

Coca Cola developed one ad campaign for 2012 in which the QR code was embedded in the digital representation of mist and carbonation that is released from a freshly-opened can of Coke. This example of fun QR codes also provides a wonderful ad specimen because it furthers the appeal of the product itself, referencing the subtle elements of advertisement that the company uses to sell their product. In this case, the coding doubles as an allusion towards cool sensations and ultimate refreshment.

Window Shopping Hits a New High

Walmart became extremely creative in 2012 by developing window installments that featured graphic representations of toys that they sold in actual stores. Instead of having to walk through the doors of a brick and mortar location, customers could scan the sample QR codes in order to complete their purchase ahead of time. The only remaining task is to pic up the item in the store. This unique approach to utilizing QR codes allows customers to save time, shop while on the go, and avoid lines during busy gift-giving seasons as well.

A Secret to Reveal

Victoria Secret recently took a humorous yet alluring approach to an ad campaign that was entitled “Sexier Than Skin.” In this campaign, models were displayed on everything from billboards to bus stops. The funny part is that the ever-annoying, black censorship bar meant to block nudity was replaced with funny QR codes. Smart phones users only needed to scan the QR codes to gain access to an image that matched the advertisement in front of them with only one exception. The code block is replaced with the actual garments that the company is selling.