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Nick and his company have been fabulous to work with for the last several years. The website designing is top-notch and if you have any IT problems he is always there to help. We would highly recommend Knewedge to anyone!

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A letter from Nick Eldred

I started creating websites back in 2006. And, in 2008 I quit my job as a cost accountant and started building websites full-time. And, over the years I helped a few big companies:

  • Fortune 50 insurance company
  • Top 4 newspaper publisher
  • $5 Billion financial institution

But, honestly this was all behind the scenes development contracts that had no real impact for any of the companies.

So, I thought… How can I really help as a web developer? And, then I realized what every business really needs is a website that is current, secure, and fast not only at launch, but years later too.


Nick Eldred
Founder & Principal