Website Development

  • Create website utilizing HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL Database
  • Add up to 5 Web Pages
  • 2 Contact Forms
  • Create up to 3 email accounts

Website Hosting

  • Ensure website is running
  • Ensure all public pages are accessible
  • Webmail is accessible to client
  • Provide email service credentials for use with an email client (e.g., outlook)

Website Maintenance

  • Add or Edit content provided by client
  • Add or Link files provided by client
  • Add or Link  image, audio, or video files provided by client
  • Add links to third-party sites provided by client

Example Services Not Included

  • Creating or editing image, audio, or video files
  • Researching or sourcing image, audio, or video files
  • Creating or editing content
  • Researching or Sourcing content
  • Creating or editing Files (e.g., Word Doc, PDF)
  • Researching or sourcing files
  • Setting up an email client (e.g., outlook)
  • Setting up email on a smartphone
  • Troubleshooting email client or smart phone
  • SEO or Online Advertising

Discretionary Services

  • Source free (i.e., zero cost) and stock free images.
  • Website logo
    No guarantee that logo will be in acceptable format, size, or color for other mediums (e.g., Business cards, social media profile(s), print advertising)
  • Remote Support setting up email client on a Windows PC.
    (Not available for tablets or smart phones)